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Welcome! My name is Far and I am the owner of Wilcox Services LLC, a Colorado Tree Service company serving the North Denver Metro area since 2002. We offer affordable tree service for cutting down trees, tree removal and stump grinding, tree trimming, tree pruning and tree planting.

Let our tree care knowledge of Rocky Mountain trees, shrubs and bushes help you know which trees are best for sustainability in Colorado's semi-arid climate. We can also clear damage and solve problematic tree growth. Wilcox Services is locally owned and fully licensed and insured.

Cutting Trees Down and Tree Removal

Do you need to cut down a tree? Tree cutting service offers a safe way to remove trees and branches that are dead, damaged, and diseased without affecting other trees, landscaping, or your property. Tree cutting and tree removal can help in ice and snow management, preventing future damage caused by high winds and storm elements. Additionally these measures can mitigate potential fire risk.

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“The owner Far came to do an estimate the same day I called. When I called him back a few days later to schedule the work, it was done within 2 days. They did a good job and even hauled off some other dead branches I had trimmed myself for an additional small fee.” – Satisfied Customer

“I would recommend Wilcox Services LLC. To anyone. The men were courteous, on time, efficient and left my property picked up and clean. The tree trimmer was excellent and they left my trees looking better than I've seen them in years. Thank you Wilcox Services LLC” – Satisfied Customer

“He came when he said he would be here, and did the work to our satisfaction. His price was very fair.” – Satisfied Customer

Mountain Beetle Kill, Ash Sawfly and Infestations

With the spread of the mountain beetle kill affecting our Front Range pines and ash sawflies, cutting trees down and full tree removal including trunk, limbs and stump grinding can prevent further spreading. Without proper tree cutting and removal, infestations can still spread onto healthly tree arbors.

Why Do Tree Trimming or Pruning?

Tree trimming ensures perfect growth and cultivates healthy trees. Trimming removes overgrowth that can limit a tree's capacity to gain light or proper moisture. By removing structurally weak branch joints and limbs, large overgrowth, and damage, restoration occurs. Tree pruning, varies from trimming, in that it provides tree care with a focus toward protection such as thinning a crown or tree canopy to reduce its weight and density to allow for more light penetration. Pruning a tree, shrub or hedge removes dead, loose or infected branches to help a tree or shrub flourish. The practice of pruning helps shape growth aesthetically, and in the case of flowering trees enhances flowering.

Tree Planting in Colorado's Semi-Arid Climate

Successful tree planting is dependent upon understanding the needs of specific tree species and their attributes, soil conditions, irrigation or watering, location, and planting time periods. We help you know when to plant and the best options for healthy trees that achieve strong growth. Our arborists give insight into which tree selections are best suited for your property and can offer ideas toward wind breaks, natural methods for shade, and professional landscape gardens.

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Wilcox Services | Colorado Tree Care is a fully licensed and insured tree service company with expert tree specialists. Since 2002 our tree care service has provided beautiful Colorado environments and greenscapes.

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